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Michael Genet

Client Michael Genet
Year 2014
Type Branding
Michael Genet is an Author, Speaker, Screenwriter, Actor. As a public figure he needed an identity that would be easy to apply in many different mediums. Corecentric came up with something simple, friendly and as resilient and versatile as he is.


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Book Cover

The dust jacket for Michael Genet's book "They Must Not Know Who I Think I Am (Lessons in Defiant Resilience)" was the second phase of the branding strategy. Corecentric created an identity for Michael, his book cover followed by website, business cards, sell sheets and social media graphics.
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Business cards: Two types were created, one to advertise Michael Genet's book, and the other which would become the main business card.
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Promotional Flyer/Sell Sheets

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Socila Media Graphics: A series of Michael Genet’s quotes paired with unique photography to be posted throughout his social network.

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Simply put, Henry Marnghitr is an artist of the highest order. He's a true visionary with an extraordinary gift to understand his client's needs. Henry is a visual force of nature. He listens to your ideas, then brings back results that far surpass anything in your wildest imagination! Henry Marnghitr is simply the finest designer I've ever met. Henry is a magician of design. Give him a toothpick and he'll turn it into a Masterpiece worthy of the Modern Art Museum! We simply won't work with any other designer. Now that we've found Henry, what's the point?
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Michael Genet
Author, Speaker, Screenwriter, Actor